Waikato company achieves Google Cloud Premier Partner status


From left, Darren Martin, Andrew Milne, and Peter O’Halloran of Dynamo6.

Dynamo6 is the latest New Zealand-based IT services company to reach the level of Google Cloud Premier Partner, putting it in the top tier of Google Cloud services in the country.

The premier partner level recognises Waikato company Dynamo6’s expertise in leveraging Google Cloud’s services in cloud enablement, user experience and data services, as well as mobile and web-based technology solutions.

The new status comes just over a year after the company was appointed a Google Cloud Partner.

“From the word go we’ve said we are born in the cloud and have been talking about it long before it became a buzz word – we’ve had our heads down, crafting solutions and advocating, and I think this announcement will raise a few eyebrows,” managing director Igor Matich said.

“Cloud is an operations tool but we’ve always asked the question, what next? – we have a cloud-plus approach.

“We’re excited to be a Google Cloud partner, as a specialist, collaborator, app developer and code builder.”

Matich said reaching this level was down to the team always looking for a different approach to add value.

“Whether a business is early in its digital transformation journey, or a few strides along, everyone needs a partner to support their long-term performance and profitability.”

For Dynamo6 and its customers, being a Google Cloud Premier Partner opens up access to additional resources and expertise at a global scale, including new Google hardware, products and services that were previously out of reach. In some instances, new services will be able to be tested early, providing more value to our customers.


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