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Described as the Uber of home services, NexDo recently expanded its services to the Waikato after a successful Auckland launch in 2021.

NexDo connects home services providers with customers via bookings through an app or on a website.

Founder Sakshin Niranjan helped launch ride-share company Ola in New Zealand in competition to Uber. While taking a break from Ola and searching for his own business to launch he noticed there wasn’t a home services platform in New Zealand.

“This is not a new concept, it is in the US, Australia, and on the other markets as well.”

When Covid hit, Niranjan realised many providers from the home services industry lost trade during the lockdowns.

“There are close to 3000 businesses in New Zealand doing home cleaning and lawn mowing. Not all of them are able to digitally attract customers. And everyone’s looking for things online. We provide that platform and there is no charge upfront. We give you the job, the job is 100% paid for and only then we charge you a commission.”

Similar to ride-share business models, the NexDo app matches vetted service professionals to nearby jobs, allowing already established small businesses the chance to utilise their unbooked windows.

“It’s as simple as bringing your business up onto the platform, and providing them with a network to connect with customers,” he says.

The home service providers produce a Ministry of Justice certificate to show no convictions and NexDo require at least three years’ experience in their area of service.

Fixed fees mean customers don’t have to waste time shopping around and sourcing quotes, instead, the NexDo app provides great value across the listed services, Niranjan says.

“Our team takes care of all payments through our secure payment gateway, ensuring security for both customer and professional, leaving you stress-free knowing that everything is taken care of.”

NexDo set the price and customers pay in advance for the service, much like they do with Uber and Airbnb.

The providers are guaranteed payment for their services, but Niranjan says, with this comes the responsibility of doing a top-quality job.

“If there’s a problem, we address that problem. We go to the service provider and say, ‘Hey, you’ve not done this’, and we send them back. We also take on refunds, or if they’re genuinely not happy, then we investigate that. So that’s the level of quality the customer gets from us.”

It’s not only the customers who are reaping the benefits, Niranjan says, the providers can make up to $55 an hour after a 15 per cent commission is charged.

“They’re actually making more money than they would in any other job working for a cleaning company.”

Launched over a month ago in Hamilton, NexDo professionals currently provide home cleaning, moving out cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and will soon offer carwash and lawn mowing services.

In the future, NexDo services will expand to include beauty services like manicures, pedicures and facials, home haircuts, bed-sitting and other home services.

Niranjan partnered with digital expert Rod Snodgrass, former chief executive of Spark Ventures and a director of NexDo, to develop the business.

NexDo has over 120 service providers across the country who have serviced over 10,000 customers since the launch in 2021

NexDo founder Sakshin Niranjan


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