Optimising your digital strategy


A digital strategy needs to be part of a business’s DNA to succeed, was my key message at May’s Waikato Business Summit.

I was asked to join a panel discussion with Chooice founder Sarah Colcord, PlayBooks founder and chief executive Greg Sheehan and associate director of the University of Waikato Artificial Intelligence Unit Jannat Maqbool to discuss optimising your digital strategy.

Having an embedded digital strategy meant we were prepared when Covid-19 hit. On day one of lockdown we had every team member working remotely and nearly everyone participating in a videoconference, with only those asleep in different time zones missing!

Despite the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020, we were able to achieve significant growth at Company-X.

Our well-defined digital strategy is the lifeblood of Company-X and gave us the ability to continue with business-as-usual through very uncertain times.

We’re very clear on where our digital strategy fits within our business and how it enables business growth.

We’ve been using technology to improve our business performance at Company-X since we founded in 2012. Our digital strategy has enabled us to work remotely with international and domestic clients for many years.

The best digital strategy in the world won’t make any difference without the human touch.

We operate a close-knit team of nearly 60 of the finest software specialists to whom location or distance have never been a barrier.

We’ve reached that point in our growth where we’ve been able to look more strategically at our team and how they work together, establishing a centre of excellence in technical leadership and mentoring. This has allowed Company-X to grow and nurture emerging talent and also to free up the senior leadership team to focus on growth opportunities and continuously improving our business.

A great digital strategy implemented by the best team is the secret to business success.


About Author

David Hallett

David Hallett is a co-founder and director of Hamilton software specialist Company-X