Fully serviced industrial land highly sought after


Aotearoa Park in Cambridge has created additional lots to service the demand for industrial land in the area.

Over the last 25 years Aotearoa Park, a 16 hectare industrial park in Cambridge, has carved out a niche in providing industrial leasing and cold storage services to manufacturing, processing and distribution companies looking for a strategic location for their logistics operations.

Realising there was a growing demand for industrial land in Cambridge, a decision was made in late 2017 to subdivide areas off from the main site to enable development to take place. What has resulted is 12 fully serviced lots varying in size from 800sq m to 15,000sq m which are ready for development and lease.

“Since the completion of the subdivision Aotearoa Park has fielded inquiry from parties looking for industrial land with services in place (electricity, waste, water, gas, fibre) thereby increasing the ease with which a development can occur and is working with a number of parties to finalise details for their developments prior to construction commencing,” general manager Libby Cochrane said.

Aotearoa Park is proudly owned by Bruce and Joan Cochrane with the Aotearoa Park companies headed by Bruce as managing director and Libby Cochrane as general manager.

Bruce, who has a background in the transport industry, purchased the site when the former meat processing plant there closed down in the early 1990s. The site was named Aotearoa Park after the former meat processing facility and Bruce set about a new business venture of property ownership and the supply of cold storage and blast freezing services to the food processing industry.

Aotearoa Park has never looked back and quickly became home to a range of industrial businesses including leading food processing and logistics companies who saw the opportunity to capitalise on the cold storage and processing services on site and prime distribution location.

Aotearoa Park Cold Storage Ltd (APCSL) specialises in dry storage, cold storage and blast freezing of product for both the domestic and export markets (including EU licensing) and is a registered transitional facility.  Having been in business for over 20 years APCSL has the experience and expertise to assist its customers with all aspects of inventory management, storage and distribution.

“The ability to access these services in such a central location, close to both the Port of Auckland and Port of Tauranga as well as being on SH1 for ease of distribution to the domestic market has been invaluable for APCSL’s customers and tenants at Aotearoa Park,” Libby said.

For parties looking for a base for their processing or distribution facility, having access to onsite cold storage and blast freezing provides them with a huge benefit in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Aotearoa Park’s main tenants have been on site for over 23 years and Libby and Bruce are looking forward to the upcoming industrial projects and building long-term relationships with its new tenants that mirror its existing ones.


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