Create a culture of content to build trust


Every business has a story to tell, knowledge to share and news about what is happening within the company or organisation. From a florist to a lawyer, to a hotel, each has their own niche to discuss with their current and potential customers.

Putting this knowledge and news down on ‘paper,’ and publishing it on your owned channels (website, e-newsletter, social media etc.), is a great way to inform and get potential customers over the line, especially if your goods or services require due diligence on the customer’s part or are linked to significant decision-making.

Customers might use a blog you’ve written or a ‘how-to’ video you’ve created to decide which product options work best for them, different ways to use a product, or learn about services you offer that they don’t currently use.

Moreso than ever before, customers do their due diligence online and want to first trust you before they will buy from you.  That’s why your business must continually develop and promote content –articles, tip sheets, how-to videos, slide shows, podcasts – to showcase your experience and build that trust over the long-term.

Developing content – and ‘giving’ it away for free – is also an excellent way to build the profile (and trustworthiness) of your employees and leadership team. 

Getting started

Your website is the first and most important place to house content, so this needs to be up to scratch. An important starting point is creating a content hub where news, articles, videos, podcast episodes, PDFs for download, infographics and more can be regularly uploaded to one singular place (usually a tab on your main menu).

Your goal is going to be to drive people back to that content over and over again through all your company’s communications channels.  And when the content is good, each time your audience visits, you’ll put a deposit in the trust bank.

Keeping it going

You really need to think about how you can create a culture of content in your business.  Try to make best practice communication one of your key business values and start sharing your news, knowledge and expertise with your audiences.

Making content creation part of your organisational culture will make it easier to commit to regularly populating your content hub and sharing that content in different ways through each channel under your control.

Here are three ways to stay on track and committed to ongoing content creation:

Reminders: You could set a reminder each month to make sure you set aside an hour to put something together.

Involve others:
Perhaps there is a reliable staff member who could be put in charge of the task of seeking out content ideas. We’d definitely encourage getting as many of the team involved as possible; this means more ideas and it can be a morale boost to reflect on team successes and demonstrate their knowledge.

Another way to keep yourself committed is by laying out a quarterly calendar, with key topics for each month and team members assigned to each action. Include goals and measurables in your plan so you can stay on track.

If you need some ideas of what content to develop or need a starting point for your blog or articles, try ChatGPT for some thought-starters.

Tools that will help

We encourage our clients to move beyond the written word, and there are a range of tools that can help you create something visual without the help of a graphic designer. Canva.com is a great place to start for this, where you can presentations, slide shows, charts, infographics, social media imagery and more.

Others to try include: Lemonly.com for infographics and CapCut.com video maker.  And give an AI image generator a try, for instance OpenAI’s Dall-E.

There are a range of tools out there to help make the content creation job easier. 


About Author

Heather Claycomb

Heather Claycomb is director of HMC, a Hamilton-based, award-winning public relations agency.