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Hamilton has two Kip McGrath Centres that have been providing excellent up to date and relevant tuition for over 20 years. They offer individual learning programmes tailored to the specific needs of each student as identified in the initial free assessment.

Mathematics, English, spelling, reading, and writing are taught, including NCEA math and English.  Programmes are modified as children achieve their goals,” Kip McGrath principal Paul Kelly says. “Our goal is to help students succeed in class. We do this through weekly 70–minute tutoring sessions that are personalised for every student and include one-on-one attention.”

Students work within a supportive, small group setting run by trained qualified teachers.  “They quickly develop a sense of achievement and discover learning is not only successful – it’s enjoyable too,” Paul says.

They also have several students who just work online. This has grown since the lock down and will be a growth area for the centres.

The sessions feature a mix of books, worksheets and computer activities providing the variety that a student’s brain needs to keep engaged, motivated and learning. As the student gets older, they have more input into the content of the lesson. This tailors tutoring to their needs and increases engagement, ensuring the time with the tutors is well used.

The centres cater for a wide range of students from duxes of schools to those who really struggle, including dyslexic students.

Free assessments can be made online at Kipmcgrath.co.nz or by ringing Paul 07 8482262. Help your child now.


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