Unbound named in the top three percent by Google


Hamilton-based digital marketing agency Unbound has not only achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners programme but has been named in the top three percent of partners in New Zealand. 

The accolade, which recognises Unbound as one of Google’s top-performing digital marketing agencies from across the globe, is part of the new Google Partners programme.

Unbound founder and CEO Quentin Weber says changes to the Premiere Partner status reflects the team’s dedication to raising the bar and delivering outstanding results.

“We are committed to understanding our clients’ business and delivering results that matter to them.

“We are online experts, but our ability to understand what the digital data means for a business and find ways to make a positive difference to the bottom line is what sets us apart.”

A dedicated digital marketing agency with clients around New Zealand, including JB Hi-Fi, Gallagher and Work from Home Desks, Unbound helps businesses get more traffic and helps them turn that traffic into sales.

Established in 2015 by Weber, Unbound is the only Google premier partner based in the Waikato.

With a targeted offering of online advertising (PPC), SEO, conversion rate optimisation, analytics and reporting, Weber says they are a true specialist agency.

“We live and breathe digital, and that gives us a real opportunity to be the best at what we do.”

The Google Partners programme has undergone significant changes for 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, advanced programme requirements and offering new Premier Partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

“We are just a little old Hamilton agency, we’re not like some of the big Auckland agencies with big clients. We weren’t sure if we were going to keep the status after the shake up,” Weber says.

Originally from Tauranga, Weber moved to Hamilton for university in 2000. He lasted six months in a science and teaching degree before beginning his journey into marketing.

With five years at Noel Leemings and another five years at the Radio Network, Weber was firmly hooked on advertising.

In 2013, he became a business partner in advertising agency Dori Media and when his business partner moved to Christchurch a few years later, Unbound was born.

“When he moved to be nearer family, we made the decision to split ways. He continued doing the website side of things and my focus (with Unbound) is purely on online advertising.”

Located in Garden Place, Unbound is actively involved in the Hamilton business scene, and proudly supports Hamilton Central Business Association and the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

“I love Hamilton. It’s a great city with lots of opportunities and great people. A lot of
people run down Hamilton but from a business point of view it’s a great place to work,” he says.

Not bound by geographical limitations, Unbound works with clients from Christchurch right up to Kerikeri.

“We’ve always been happy to look after anyone, anywhere in New Zealand. We know we can do a great job for anyone because we know the market.”

Over the past couple of years, Weber says, they have struggled to get skilled staff.

“Advertising on Seek and TradeMe is just a waste of time now. Most of the people I’ve recruited in the last year have been through personal connections and referrals.”

Weber says the business is growing and he expects the team of nine to grow over the next year.

“We’ve got good systems and processes in place and we know we can help more businesses around New Zealand to get success online. We are finding more and more businesses need help in that space.”

As a Premier Partners in the Google Partners programme, Unbound has access to innovative tools, resources and support to help their clients succeed and grow online.

Google Ads Marketing senior director Davang Shah says the top 3% Google Partner in New Zealand are companies that stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships and helping their current clients to grow.

“Congratulations to our Premier Partners, we look forward to supporting them as they help their customers succeed online.”

For more information and to learn more about Unbound, visit unbound.nz


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