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A group of business organisations across the Waikato are doing a united, simultaneous drive this Labour weekend to help Waikato people find work.

The Cambridge Business Chamber, joined by a number of organisations including Tourism Waikato, MSD, Te Waka, Hamilton Central Business Association and Waikato Chambers of Commerce, will all be encouraging their networks of employers and HR companies to feed any and every job that is available in the Waikato onto the free regional job matching website www.waikato.nxtstep.co.nz. At the same time job-seekers will be encouraged to post their CV’s on the website.

CEO of Cambridge Business Chamber, Kelly Bouzaid, said “It’s definitely out of the ordinary to be doing this on a holiday, but we thought we would turn a day off into a day to help people find jobs. The timing is relevant, not just to remind ourselves of the history of Labour Day but also, as wage subsidy extensions end more jobs are at risk.

This initiative has been dubbed #onejobatatime and the aim is to support those who have lost their jobs as a result of Covid-19 or those who are work-ready, looking for employment. The idea was sparked from an initiative by a company in America, Red Wing Shoes, who decided to forgo promoting their footwear during their Labour Day to post job openings instead. And they called on all brands to do the same. Ms Bouzaid said, “It struck a chord that an individual company like Red Wing was doing this, and we decided that our combined groups here in the Waikato could together put a spotlight on unemployment.”

“So, in the week leading up to Labour Day, Monday 26th October, instead of only promoting retail offers for the holiday weekend, we will be encouraging businesses and HR companies in the Waikato to post all available jobs on www.waikato.nxtstep.co.nz It takes only 5 minutes and it’s free to do.”

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