Impact Hub opens co-working space


Impact entrepreneurs have a new base in Hamilton featuring co-working spaces, hot desking and office space. Impact Hub Waikato has opened the new premises on the corner of Anglesea and Collingwood Streets, which also includes a soundproofed podcast room and meeting rooms. Cofounder and director Nanise Ginnen says they want to build a base for entrepreneurs who are interested in both profit and purpose.

“They are dual-purpose businesses, and often those two things are tethered to each other. The more successful their business becomes, the bigger their impact is.”

She gives the example of Hamilton-based Kaupapa Māori power company Nau Mai Ra who give a portion of their profits back to community power.

“Their cause is  to eradicate power poverty, and we’ve got lots of smaller businesses who are starting to work in that space becoming really conscious of societal and environmental issues and wanting to solve them through business.

“We envisage this being a space that will connect and enable those people.”

She says there will be flexible coworking options, so people can pop in and out, along with some permanent desks.

They have about 50 members, with networking and learning opportunities.

Impact Hub is a global organisation and members can also access an online platform that connects them to hubs around the world.


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