Growing Cambridge draws strong interest


By Kelly Bouzaid – CEO, Cambridge Business Chamber

By all accounts here and now, Cambridge is presenting well with buoyancy in retail, property and customer spend overall. That said, healthy surface-level business activity doesn’t mask the future-facing concerns around the impact of Covid-19.

The Bellwether pedestrian counter in our main street has shown great growth year on year, over the last two months.

Our residents and businesses have an appetite for supporting local and carparking is once again
at a premium!

Since lockdown, we have seen the few shops that vacated, quickly re-tenanted.

We have strong interest from both city dwellers considering a more rural lifestyle and ex-pats considering their next move to rural New Zealand.

Kelly Bouzaid

Pre-Covid, Waipā was focused on infrastructure investment to meet the anticipated growth so, once lured, the Waipā district is well poised to provide accommodation, school and employment opportunities. Cambridge is currently the highest growth area in the Waipā district and plans are already well advanced to open up three growth cells to the west of the town.

When complete, the new areas will accommodate 2500 houses, a new 1000-pupil primary school and a range of commercial areas including a large supermarket.

Waipā District Council chief executive Garry Dyet was recently quoted saying: “We know that Cambridge will continue to grow because people quite simply want to live there – and we’re obliged to provide for that. So these developments need to proceed, not just to cater for growth but because they will drive critically needed economic activity in our district as we look to rebuild and recover from Covid-19.”

Investment in road and rail within the region continues to unlock our district, socially and economically further enhancing Waipa’s appeal.

All very positive signs for the road to recovery, not to mention Cambridge is a finalist in the “Most Beautiful Large Town” category and “Best Street” in the 2020 Awards.

Cambridge has not only demonstrated its community values during a crisis but has also shown resilience and innovation.

The Cambridge Business Chamber is in a privileged position to work with such a diverse group of businesses.

We are a strong and vibrant Chamber dedicated to the overall well being of our community through advocacy towards a healthier economy.

No other organisation represents the business community like a Chamber of Commerce.

If you are thinking about opening a business here in Cambridge, give us a call, you’ll be pleased you did.


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