CKL establishes Tauranga office to meet increasing need for land development expertise in the Bay of Plenty


CKL, a fully integrated planning, surveying, engineering and environmental consultancy well known in Auckland and the Waikato, has opened an office at Level 1, 73 Spring St, Tauranga.

Founded in Hamilton, CKL has been operating for over 30 years and is at the forefront of the profession, incorporating sustainable design and engineering strategies into big or small land development projects.

Alan Wilkinson

Alan Wilkinson

CKL has the knowledge and expertise to assist with infill subdivisions, greenfield residential developments, commercial and industrial developments, and public infrastructure projects.

“We have been providing land development services to clients in the Bay of Plenty for a number of years and with a growing list of clients and development projects in the region, the time was right for us to provide dedicated expertise from a local office,” said CKL Director Bevan Houlbrooke.

“We have appointed two experienced and well respected land development experts to head up the Tauranga office. Alan Wilkinson is CKL Tauranga Branch Manager, and Mark Batchelor is CKL’s Tauranga Planning Manager,” said Houlbrooke.

Alan Wilkinson is a chartered surveyor and qualified planner with over 30 years’ experience. He brings local knowledge as well as broad expertise in surveying, planning, infrastructure management and land development.

Mark Batchelor carries extensive regional district planning knowledge with urban, rural and coastal marine environments.

He was formerly a Land Development Manager for Tauranga City Council, so knows the region and the regulatory processes inside and out.

Speaking about the needs of local property owners and developers, Alan Wilkinson said, “Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty continue to experience strong population growth, with the Bay of Plenty positioned as the third fastest growing region in the country.

“Local landowners are looking to capitalise on their property investment by increasing built development or by subdivision, and property developers are opening up new estates to accommodate the demand for residential and commercial lots.

This has resulted in a steady increase over the last five years in resource consent applications, title conversions, and land development projects across the region.

“Local clients are looking for local knowledge to help them navigate council development application processes. That’s where CKL comes in. Whether it is for a residential subdivision or the creation of a new community, we are able to provide end-to-end planning, surveying, engineering and environmental consulting services,” added Wilkinson.

CKL Director team: (Back L-R) Bevan Houlbrooke, Geoff Webster, Bronwyn Rhynd (Seated) Mark Gilberd, Campbell Burrows.

CKL Director team: (Back L-R) Bevan Houlbrooke, Geoff Webster, Bronwyn Rhynd (Seated) Mark Gilberd, Campbell Burrows.

Able to draw on the collective knowledge and expertise of over 100 employees across 4 offices, clients have full access to a team of planners, surveyors, and civil, transportation and environmental engineers to fulfil all of their land development needs.

“The benefit of working with CKL is our local knowledge and experience navigating council processes for development applications and title conversions,” said Mark Batchelor.

“When people come to CKL, we take the time to sit with them to understand their needs, their goals, and to help them create a vision for their land. It could be to create an environment that provides housing and income for the family for generations to come, or to create parcels of land to be sold off and developed for commercial purposes.

“Whatever the need, we consider the client, the surrounding environment, and the future. We are just as committed to protecting the beauty and sustainability of this region as our clients,” added Batchelor.

CKL is always mindful of how a development may impact, and be influenced by the surrounding environment, and is committed to ensuring precious land and resources are cared for and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Many of CKL’s land development projects incorporate flood and stormwater management plans and stormwater treatment and management systems. This may include stormwater ponds, wetland reserves,  bio detention devices, or filtration trenches. The goal is to create attractive, sustainable, communities that enhance the quality of life for residents and is an environment where people love to live.

“If you are looking to subdivide your property or want advice on a development, we will help you understand what you can achieve in terms of the best subdivision solution for your property,” said Wilkinson. “No matter the size or scale of the land development project, we will show you how to maximise development potential, and guide you through the process.

The CKL office is located at Level 1, 73 Spring Street, Tauranga and will be officially opened at an event in March.

Feel free to drop into CKL to chat with Alan about your development needs, or call him on 07 262 2282.

Add value to your property by converting your cross lease to a fee-simple title

CKLFor many New Zealanders questioning the value or purpose of their existing cross lease property title, there is an alternative ownership structure available to you which offers more flexibility and freedom – a fee-simple title.

Cross lease ownership places certain restrictions on each owner in relation to the improvements or alterations they may wish to undertake on their property and requires you to obtain written approval from the other cross lease owner or owners. It could be as simple as adding a deck, erecting a carport, or building a pergola near the BBQ.

A fee-simple title provides you with significant benefits when it comes to selling or developing your property as you have full ownership of the land. In fact, the Property Institute of New Zealand estimates homeowners of fee-simple title properties may achieve a sale price of 7 to 18 percent above that of a cross lease title. This increase in value may be due to the greater potential for development opportunities, and also to the fact that many New Zealanders prefer a full ownership structure. There is also a perception that cross leases can be complicated, deterring potential buyers and limiting the buyer market.

CKLMany property owners are opting to convert a cross lease title to a fee-simple structure in order to make it easier to sell their property, with a view to recouping the cost of the title conversion with an increased sales figure.

If you currently own a cross lease property and would like to realise the benefits of converting to a fee-simple ownership structure, CKL can help you. We will review the title and survey the existing property and advise you on planning, consenting, and engineering works which may be required, as well as manage the consenting process and council applications.

In some cases where shared driveways are in place, it may be necessary to bring the property up to standards required by today’s laws. This could vary in scale, from laying new sewer pipes, to upgrading a wall that separates two properties and replacing it with a fire-proofed wall in line with council regulations. The value in having CKL as your development partner comes into play here as our team of surveyors, planners and engineers liaise with Council to find solutions to any tricky problems or situations.

CKL has experience with hundreds of title conversions. If you are interested in learning more about unlocking the development potential of your property, contact Alan Wilkinson in the CKL Tauranga office on (07) 262 2282 or email


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