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Paul Kingsbeer, founder and director of Kingsbeer Properties Ltd, has more than 30 years’ experience in the building industry and commercial property market.

Kingsbeer Properties was born from business people approaching Paul wanting a new purpose-built commercial building that would fit the needs specifically for their business, but who were leading busy lives and needed someone to take care of the whole project.

“What we found is that successful business people, whose companies are in a time of growth, were wanting a one-stop shop that will take care of their physical premises growth requirements,” Paul says.

A prime example of this was finding the right site, council zoning requirements and specifications for their two tenants at 20 Karewa Place, Tonu and Burnsco.  Both businesses had very individual and specific requirements, and they were able to meet both their needs for future growth.

“As a keen fisherman and frequent visitor of Burnsco it was great to be part of their new flagship retail outlet,” Paul says. 

Both Paul and Sue Kingsbeer were especially excited to be part of the Tonu development with their belief in integrating modern conventional medicine with alternative well-being practices. 

“At long last there is a centre for everyone that combines traditional ACC recognised specialists, with alternative practices” says Sue, whose professional ballet career was cut short due to injury. 

“I for one, will never go anywhere else when injured.” 

For an injured person to have the ability to access all of these resources in one place is amazing. These facilities include, physio, specialist rehab gym trainers, acupuncture, massage and nutritionists, to name a few. Each specialist has full access to the files and information on where an individual is at in their injury recovery which makes the transition from injury to full recovery so much easier. 

“As a busy and active person, this is something I have been searching for, for a long time” says Sue.

“Paul and I fully support Timi and his team with their successful and innovative healthcare business. We are proud to have been right there next to them in assisting them fulfil their dream of providing the next level of injury based and sports professional healthcare to New Zealanders.”

Paul and Sue believe that these success stories are becoming more and more common in Hamilton and the greater Waikato, as our best business people mix innovation, hard work and risk, which is a formidable formula for success. 

But to enable the growth required to meet their strategic plans, they are often in a position of needing to relocate their business to a purpose-built, desirable location.  Understandably many business people are reluctant to make the move with fears that it will interrupt their business productivity and focus.

This is where Kingsbeer Properties can be of major assistance. Paul and Sue Kingsbeer can source the land, work with the planners to meet council planning restrictions, design buildings to the client’s specific requirements, complete the full scope of works, assist in the interior design consultations and fit-out the final works.

The Kingsbeers are co-owners of the 100 percent New Zealand owned company Steel Shed Systems NZ Ltd, which has branches throughout New Zealand, and having been award winning Registered Master Builders for over 25 years in both commercial and residential builds, clients can be assured that the quality will be of the second to none.

So the next question is: ‘to build – or to lease?’ This is an important factor that needs to be discussed with financial advisors and will depend largely on growth plan and financial strategies.

Kingsbeer Properties specialises in providing either option to meet business requirements.

“Whether you are wanting us to source the land and build a building to meet your businesses growing needs, for you to lease long term, or you own a piece of land that you would like us to build on that you will own, is totally up to you.

“Either way KPL are here to assist you in providing the physical building requirements for you to meet your long term growth and financial goals.”

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