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Is the retention of top talent as simple as a salary increase in today’s job-seekers’ market? Carmel Strange, Asset Recruitment’s manager and temporary recruitment specialist, discusses what today’s workers are looking for.

It’s the age-old question – how do I retain an exceptional employee once I’ve hired them? I think we can all agree when I say that it’s not always just about the money and a company car (but it does help). In today’s workplace, company culture has become more important than ever. No matter what the remuneration package looks like, when it comes to the ideal workplace employees want to feel valued, want career progression and want flexibility.

Carmel Strange

Communicating that you value your employee’s efforts, as well as praising them when their efforts produce the right results, is key. “I don’t like being recognised for my hard work” said no human, ever. Employees who know their contribution is valued are more likely to stay with an organisation.

Giving your employees a sense of where their career could take them, a sense of direction, is incredibly important. Seeking opportunities for your staff to grow, whether it be attending conferences or providing ongoing training. Providing an environment where your employees can upskill and grow with the support of the company behind them is a key factor in retention.

And lastly, something that we’re hearing more and more is flexibility. A workplace that allows for flexibility around finding the ideal work/life balance is a tool that can be utilised to retain your employees. Working long, tenuous hours only leads to one thing – a burnout. Tempting the loss of experienced and well-trained staff. The acknowledgement that employees have hobbies, homes to run and families to spend time with is all part of creating a company culture that is flexible and therefore desirable to remain a part of.

At Asset Recruitment we know the importance of company culture. We don’t just look for the right skill set, we look for the right fit and work with you to attract the highest calibre of candidates for your role. If you’re looking to hire – do get in touch.

• Carmel Strange is Asset Recruitment’s Manager and Temporary Recruitment Specialist. Asset Recruitment is Waikato’s leading recruitment company for temporary, permanent, executive and industrial recruitment


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