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Waikato businesswoman Frances Anderson is a life-long snorer. Instead of being beaten down by the stigma of being a woman who snores, she developed an innovative Waikato-designed sleep positioner to help women (and men) all over New Zealand to stop the ‘snorchestra’ and improve their lives and relationships.

Frances spent decades looking for the right solution, including surgery, to no avail, until she created her own solution – a sleep positioner which she christened ‘Patney’ in honour of her own mother’s nickname. Frances’ mum was mythologised in her family for her ability to lift the roof off after she fell asleep. It was an unfortunate family legacy Frances received which she turned into a powerful solution.

The Patney anti-snore sleep positioner is more than simply a pillow. It’s made with two important criteria – comfort and clinical effectiveness. Validating Patney’s effectiveness was critical. Once the design was perfected, the Patney underwent an independent validation study by the WellSleep Centre – Otago University.

Snore pillow

Patney Sleep Positioner.

Results from the test showed 89 percent of the partners of people who completed the study, reported a reduction in their partner’s snoring. Frances knew she was onto a great solution and so took the Patney sleep positioner to market to help other Kiwis.

Patney officially launched in March on World Sleep Day. Frances is all fired up to demystify the negative stigma associated with snoring.

“Snoring is really the last taboo for women. They are mortified to hear about their nocturnal rumblings, more so than men who can fob off the embarrassment more easily.”

But aside from simply being amusing or embarrassing, she says snoring is a serious condition.

“Without a good night’s sleep, many snorers struggle with tiredness the next day. It can also impact the health of their heart and respiratory system. Fatigue has long been associated with road accidents, low work productivity and also dismantling relationships at work and at home.”

Partners of the ‘accused’ also suffer the consequences of snoring. This places a strain on relationships creating frustration, resentment and in some cases, a move to separate bedrooms. Sexual and emotional intimacy suffers. Indeed, research into sleep patterns, involving 483 couples and their reasons for sleeping apart, revealed that 45.6 percent slept in separate beds because of their partner’s snoring.

Patney has assisted many Kiwi couples towards sleeping in the same bed again.

“Since launching the sleep positioner, Patney’s own customer satisfaction statistics mirror those of the WellSleep Centre. Eighty nine percent of our customers have a great success story with the Patney. This is a remarkable result when you consider the many reasons why people snore. A key factor in achieving this result is the fact that Patney is individualised to the user’s height and weight and their overall body profile.”

A great story of Waikato innovation, the Patney sleep positioner is currently available to purchase online at www.patney.com


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