University of Waikato honours more distinguished alumni


In August the University of Waikato will honour another cohort of distinguished alumni – an award it has been handing out since 2007. 

The Distinguished Alumni Awards celebrate and honour alumni of the University of Waikato who have gone on to make outstanding contributions in their careers and communities. The University of Waikato is conferring six Distinguished Alumni Awards in 2018. Those to be honoured at a dinner hosted by Chancellor Jim Bolger and Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Quigley on August 24 are:

Dame Annette King. Former Member of Parliament. Bachelor of Arts 1982. Dame Annette is receiving the award for her commitment to health and social justice in New Zealand while a Member of Parliament.

Dr Sarah Calvert. Registered Clinical Psychologist. Bachelor of Social Sciences 1974, Master of Social Sciences 1975, Doctor of Philosophy, 1982. Dr Calvert is receiving the award for her significant contribution to her profession and to research and innovation in the field of psychology.

Jan Zijderveld. CEO, Avon Products. Bachelor of Management Studies 1987. Jan Zijderveld is receiving the award for his achievements during a long career at Unilever and his continued association as an alumnus of the university.

Miriam Dean CNZM QC. Barrister. Bachelor of Social Sciences 1977. Miriam Dean is receiving the award for her distinguished career in law and business, and her commitment to empowering women.

Professor Tom Higham. Professor of Archaeological Science, Deputy Director of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. Doctor of Philosophy 1993. Professor Higham is receiving the award for his work as one of the foremost archaeological scientists in the world, based in one of the world’s leading radiocarbon dating laboratories.

Dr Shane Legg. Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Google DeepMind. Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences 1996. Dr Legg received the award in May, for his outstanding achievements in AI research and his success in the international IT industry.


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