Troublesome intersection becomes roundabout


The busy Queens Ave and Killarney Rd intersection will be replaced with a roundabout, following community feedback from people seeking a simpler road layout.

Work will start at the end of April to replace the current intersection layout with a small roundabout which is expected to reduce driver confusion, while maintaining safety benefits.

The current intersection layout was installed in 2015 to address road safety issues following a number of crashes in which people were injured. Under the existing layout there have been no injury crashes at the busy intersection which is used by around 14,500 vehicles a day.

Hamilton City Council City transportation network operations manager Robyn Denton says the council has listened to feedback about driver confusion with the existing layout.

“We’ve received ongoing community feedback both negative and positive, but on balance comments around driver confusion, particularly around who has ‘right of way’, supports our decision to upgrade the intersection to a small roundabout.

“Single lane roundabouts are generally low speed and low conflict so we expect the current road safety benefits to continue. However because the new roundabout is a small single lane roundabout road users can’t expect to see any improvement in traffic flow.”

The new roundabout is expected to cost around $400,000 and construction is expected to take four weeks. Traffic will be managed closely while the work is done, and road users are encouraged to use other routes during construction, or expect some delays.

Once complete, road users are encouraged to continue using Queens Ave when travelling to and from the central city, rather than Lake Domain Dr which is unsuitable for large volumes of traffic.


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