Greenhill Park an “exceptional” place to live


No expense has been spared and nothing left to chance as a developer behind a huge new subdivision in the north-east of Hamilton ensures its residents enjoy an amenity that is second to none.

Jon Webb, a director of Chedworth Properties, is progressively developing up to 2,000 sites across 136 hectares in north east Hamilton known as Greenhill Park – Hamilton’s first medium density suburb.

Housing on a range of property sizes is being constructed with the aim of attracting a diverse community of people. The real secret to Greenhill Park is the attention to detail and its high amenity.

Chedworth Properties development manager Tony McLauchlan and director Jon Webb at Greenhill Park.

Jon and Chedworth Properties development manager Tony McLauchlan are extremely hands on when it comes to ensuring builders comply with detailed design guidelines and meet the requirements imposed by a design review committee.

A linchpin of the suburb is commercial development which has already occurred at the Wairere Dr entrance to the subdivision. The housing in effect will surround the commercial area which already comprises a number of retail outlets and eateries as well as Lawrenson Group’s newest restaurant/bar to open later this year, a Radius Integrated Medical Centre, Villa Dental and Montessori Childcare.

Another huge asset will be the pocket parks nestled amid the subdivision, featuring walkways and cycleways and including an international quality, uniquely designed playground, a fitness trail with seven fitness stations and a petanque court. The parkland also comprises environmentally sustainable stormwater solutions such as swales and wetlands, capable of coping with a 100-year flood.

Chedworth Properties has been one of Hamilton’s most significant developers, creating an estimated 5000 sites. Notable subdivisions include Chedworth, Fairview Downs, Sherwood Park, St James Park and Horsham Estate. Chedworth Properties has worked alongside Tainui Group Holdings in its development of the Ruakura Inland Port to plan its latest addition to Hamilton, Greenhill Park.

“We have owned this land for a long time and it was really important for us that it was going to be a really good subdivision,” says Jon. “The best it could possibly be.”

Tony says Greenhill Park is pitched as a mid-market subdivision for buyers in the $600,000 and $750,000 market. Section sizes will range between 300 square metres to 600 square metres. The range of section sizes means it can attract everyone from first home buyers to retirees.

“It means we are attracting a diverse community of people instead of just one segment of the community – that is one of the great things Greenhill Park provides,” he says.

“Smaller section sizes mean we need to have better shared amenity,” he says which is why so much effort has gone into creating the environment.


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