Villa Dental’s move great news for the community


Villa Dental’s move to a spacious new clinic in Wairere Drive, Rototuna gives it the perfect opportunity to continue to deliver on its mission statement of ‘dental excellence on time and value for money’.

It also provides Villa Dental owners Henk and Annette Eksteen the ability to interact with the public through community events and to reach out collaboratively to other independent dentists in Waikato.

The exciting new patient and community-focused centre which will officially open with a VIP night in June delivers a whole new level in patient comfort but at the same affordable price Old Villa Dental has delivered for the last decade.

The new facility provides each of Villa Dental’s dentists two chairs which means they can easily accommodate emergency cases. “If it is urgent we can see you today” says Annette. Villa Dental has the capacity to offer you treatment space when you need it.

Meanwhile, dentists’ access to a suite of state-of-the-art diagnostic technology means patients can be assured of a complete range of dental services and a comfortable, even pleasant experience. This includes the Sirona Galileos- a three dimensional imaging scanner which allows Villa dentists to find the least invasive, best long-term solution for a patient. Also the Sirona Cerec three dimensional scanning and milling technology allows for same day placement of porcelain restorations and crowns.

Villa Dental’s new, two-storey centre also features a spacious reception area and VIP room. Villa Dental director Annette Eksteen says the relaxing reception area with café style coffee from the famous Legend 61 Italian coffee machine aims to give patients “a soft landing” when they arrive at the centre and provide a stress free, friendly experience.

Patients are welcome to utilise the VIP room, beautifully decorated with antique furniture, historic photos of Hamilton and a selection of kiwiana reading material.

As a patient moves through to be treated by a dentist, family members are able to sit nearby.

Villa Dental business development manager Charl Eksteen says Villa Dental aims for a “whole patient experience”.

“Most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist,” he says.

“How do you take people from that position and create an environment for them where they can trust you, where they can be at ease and relaxed? We ensure they are met with receptionists who are friendly and have that personal touch. The experience continues from the moment they walk in to the moment they leave. We enjoy building a relationship with our patients and putting their needs first and employ staff who feel the same.”

The new dental centre features an upstairs meeting room for community and professional groups’ usage and a photography and video recording studio where educational programmes are created. These facilities allow for Villa Dental to expand on its already strong role in benefiting the local and international community. Annette says they intend to make the meeting room available for community events and a range of health education initiatives. Villa Dental dentists and staff also volunteer at a range of community groups and not for profit organisations.

Collaboration with other dentists is also a huge priority for Villa Dental. Dr Marshall Hanson is an internationally awarded dental professional and speaker. At Villa Dental he offers international dentists exclusive dental seminars in beautiful New Zealand. Dr Hanson is passionate about providing well documented, “invisible” dentistry of a high standard to his patients. Examples of his workmanship can be seen on the practice’s website:

“Dr Marshall loves to share his extensive knowledge of dental materials and innovative techniques with young, less experienced dentists and was drawn to the benevolent aspect of our vision for our community and patients,” says Annette.

Meanwhile the diagnostic equipment can be invaluable for other dentists wanting specialist imaging for their patients at a reasonable cost.

“We want to reach out and work with the independent, locally owned and operated dental practice owners in New Zealand,” says Annette. “It would be great to break through and work together to become the best dental care providers we can for our communities. Imagine how doing things differently could benefit the community through sharing knowledge and even sharing buying power to the benefit of our patients! Everyone benefits from ethical collaboration.”

The new site on 697 Wairere Drive, off the Wairere Drive/Gordonton roundabout with easy parking, is beautifully positioned in a growth area of the city and the ring road makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the city or for the clinic’s patients. Villa Dental’s founding dentist, Dr Henk Eksteen, grew up on a farm and has always had good rapport with his rural Waikato patients.

Annette says a full third of Villa Dental’s patients are from out of town and drive from other parts of the North Island.

“Dentistry has really changed and people are willing to drive to where they want to be.”

Annette says the clinic’s relationships with patients saw it outgrow its Grey St site in Hamilton East. With the significant costs of providing technology for modern day dentistry, the larger practice gives Villa Dental the economies of scale to keep costs reasonable.

“It increases our capacity to serve,” says Charl.

Twenty staff work at the new facility and Annette describes the staff as “the heart of Villa Dental”.
“Every one of our staff have heart, excellence and empathy.”

Villa Dental’s great relationships extend to those involved in the construction of the Wairere Dr clinic and Annette particularly pays tribute to Hamilton building firm Naylor Love Construction.

“The VIP night will be our chance to say thank you and honour those who helped with the vision,” says Annette.

“We had the most fantastic experience with Naylor Love Construction. Their working culture was a really good match.”

It is that old fashioned caring community feel that remains the basis of Villa Dental’s practice.
“We want to do good and we want to solve problems,” says Annette.

“We still have the same dream and the same goal as we have always had and this wonderful new building gives a better opportunity to serve. This IS for the community.”


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