Crestline’s success prompts move to larger site


The success of its corporate fit out business has forced Hamilton company Crestline Furniture Systems’ move to a new headquarters with more space.

From the start of June, Crestline has centralised all of its Hamilton operations to a superb showroom and warehouse at 19 The Boulevard, Te Rapa.

Founder Owen Renton started Crestline as a second hand office furniture businesses 30 years ago, moving to new premises in Grey Street in 1990. It quickly diversified into new office furniture and in recent years into design and installation of large scale corporate furniture . “Our mission is to make a relocation an effortless experience for our clients.”

The business is family-owned with Owen’s three sons and four grandchildren among the 18 staff.

The new showroom is all about providing a great customer experience and will allow Crestline to display its products to the best advantage.

“We have the space now to show our great office systems off really well. Potential clients can come in now and it’s all laid out. We think they will love it.”

“It’s a brilliant move, in a way we have been anticipating this for the last 27 years I suppose.”

Owen is also pleased with outcome of the collaborative approach to the project by architect Noel Jessop and build by Hamilton construction company Downey Construction.

“Downey have been fantastic, we’ve had a very good relationship with them. We’re pleased with the design, it was finished on time – overall we’re very happy. It’s worked out really well.”

A key to Crestline’s success is the access it provides to the latest developments in workplace thinking, helped by regular attendance at overseas shows. Crestline designs, develops and sources products at the forefront of global design trends. By direct importing to supplement its extensive range of New Zealand made products, it provides well designed, technically superior products at a price within the reach of every progressive New Zealand business.

Owen gives the example of collaborative open plan work spaces which he says have really taken off in recent years.

“Some businesses know it’s a good thing but aren’t too sure how everything will fit in and what they need.  If they buy expensive pieces of furniture which are not adaptable to their changing needs they are stuck with that.”

Crestline promotes  SQUARE, a European designed modular system which can easily be adapted to changing work practices.  It can be simply added to or reconfigured for more staff and quiet spaces or break out areas can all be accommodated. By being modular, it is an investment in the future.

Owen says another exciting development is the perfecting of rise and fall desks. Crestline imports  AKTIV , a high quality non – electric German model which provides instant, easy sit or stand . The alternative MOTIV is a modular system that provides fixed-height, wind-up or electric options that can be interchanged .

A key advantage for clients is Crestline’s broad-view approach so that everything integrates to make an efficient whole. Studies tell us that small things like dual monitor arms can increase efficiency by up to 40 percent.

“We find with new fitouts now that they include all of these aspects and we cover the whole thing for clients.”

“If everything is working as it should you’ll have happy staff who are fit and keep themselves healthy. That means your bottom line will usually be good too,” he says.

Crestline is expert at assigning a project manager who works closely with interior designers, architects or directly with the client.

“It’s a collaborative approach that works very well for us and for the client too.”

A lead person is allocated to each project who is responsible for overall project management from finalising specifications through production, installation and post occupancy services. It is that person’s mission to make the project a success.

“We get some excellent feedback on our project management,” he says. “ Here’s one that came back last week; “ don’t change a thing ; you are leading the market in your communication, customer service and project management”

Once all details have been confirmed, a comprehensive specification list is compiled  to eliminate the possibility of misunderstanding. When an order hits production, every step is followed closely by Crestline’s in-house project management team, with systems to ensure each stage is tracking on time.

Access to about 70 skilled production staff gives Crestline the capacity to produce large quantities of furniture for a project at short notice.

Post occupancy checks are made to ensure everything is to the client’s satisfaction. If required, Crestline can also run training sessions and give ergonomic advice on the correct set-up of the chairs, and workstation systems.

Owen is proud to have been joined in the business by three sons, Richard, Dean and Jon. As the years have gone by, four members of the next generation have joined. The business also has a successful showroom and team operating in Auckland.

“We are a close knit team with a strong family culture underpinned by integrity and dedicated to doing the very best for our customers,” says Owen.

Crestline has performed fit outs for businesses around the country.

“Locally, we’ve done fit outs for Genesis Energy, Waikato University, Hamilton City Council, Te Rapa Business Park, Livestock Improvement Corporation, Mighty River Power, and many others.”

“The fact we’ve been around for 27 years and the people are still coming back proves something I guess.”

“Moving to the new location already has staff buzzing and we look forward to a great response from clients.”


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