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This edition of Waikato Business News focuses in part on Hamilton’s CBD and some of the positive developments occurring.

Most of us will have noticed how much building is going on and there is real evidence that the CBD has turned the corner and is re-establishing itself. Some of the focus will be different from the past and we need to embrace the fact that the CBD will develop a new identity.  In parts of the CBD, retail will not be the force it has been in past years.

Geoff Taylor

Already there are signs that the face of the city is changing as more apartment blocks appear.  This is great news for Hamilton. Nothing reinvigorates a central city more than an influx of people living there.

There is so much building  going on in the city that it feels like time for a stock take: Look out for more on some of the exciting developments in future issues.

Waikato Business News also catches up with Tauranga marketer Brett Yeatman who alongside Waikato Chamber of Commerce  is bringing his successful The Business Market networking model to Hamilton.

We also introduce two new columnists to the Waikato Business News stable, general manager of design and web development company E9, Merv Behroozi and digital media executive Pooja Gupta who with others will continue to provide more of the digital analysis I believe Waikato Business News needs to deliver.

Meanwhile look out for the usual insightful and practical advice from our other columnists.

Lastly, I want to emphasise that Waikato Business News likes nothing better than to tell great stories of business success. You just have to look around to see that this city and this region is flourishing. If your business is going well, tell us about it. The region wants to hear all about it and celebrate your achievements.



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