Why this digital agency doesn’t have a Twitter account


The digital marketing agency I work for doesn’t have a Twitter account.

It’s true.

And it’s not because we’ve just failed to get around to it.  And it isn’t because we’ve got some weird thing against social media – we love social media.

But not Twitter.

Why not? Because, in my opinion, for most small businesses Twitter is a waste of time.
The world of social media is constantly growing.

It can feel like every month there is some big new platform taking the world by storm. Some poor business owners and marketing managers think they need to be on every channel or otherwise they’ll be left behind.

They waste a whole lot of time and effort for little return, and it takes their attention away from the core activity of their business.

Instead, I prefer to follow three simple guidelines when it comes to using social media for business.
Firstly ask: “What platform does my target market use?”

Global statistics show that Facebook is the clear winner here with 1.86 billion monthly active users, whereas Twitter has less than one-sixth of that with 313 million monthly active users. On top of that, Facebook’s average time per user per day sits above 40 minutes, while Twitter’s average time is around 5 minutes.

Secondly: “What platform suits my business?”

If you’re a celebrity, a politician, a journalist or have a following, then Twitter could well suit you. It can also be useful if you want to connect with influencers.

But for most small businesses, Twitter is a waste of effort. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have strong offerings for businesses that can have achieve direct results of growth and leads.

And the final guideline I follow is to focus on one (or perhaps two) platforms and get them working well, before adding on additional ones.

Doing a half-hearted job on six different social media platforms won’t help build your business.

Instead, pick one (or two) and decide to master them. Learn the nuances of each platform and learn to post like a native, instead of copying and pasting (or auto-posting) updates across all platforms.

So, when it came to Twitter, the digital agency I work at applied these guidelines and made the conscious decision not to have a business Twitter account.

We haven’t lost any sleep over it.

Business is booming.

Leads are arriving in the inbox each week, and we don’t have to figure out how to squeeze what we want to say into 140 characters.


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