Secrets of an award-winning business


I arrived in the middle of a work in progress meeting.

It was my first introduction to the world of business brokering. The assignment – write about an award winning business that specialises in business selling and buying.

Anyone walking into the premises of the Bay of Plenty & Waikato LINK offices is likely to be struck by two things.

Link co-directors Steven Matthews and Nuree Allan celebrate the award.

Link co-directors Steven Matthews and Nuree Allan celebrate the award.

First there’s laughter coming from the board room mixed with an air of serious people doing serious business for serious clients.

Then there are those inspirational posters on the wall. The big blue banners highlight life-thoughts from the famous. They could apply to any walk of life but they have found a home in the business of selling and buying businesses – and they fit.

There‘s a buzz around the place as people take up the day’s work of working for clients looking to buy into or exit from an existing business.

It’s a heady mix of enthusiasm and professionalism. The laughter in the office helps reassure that that this brokerage is first and foremost, dedicated to people.

It is a people centred culture that has created a winning template of success. The LINK Bay of Plenty & Waikato franchisee recently won the Award of Excellence for the LINK Office of the Year beating other international LINK offices in Australia, South Africa, and the USA.

The Waikato LINK team.

The Waikato LINK team.

So, how does a Tauranga and Hamilton brokerage beat other LINK offices in Sydney, Johannesburg or Los Angeles?

Co-directors Steven Matthews and Nuree Allan have together combined international business experience with the drive to create a healthy and happy working environment that works for their clients.

“Much of our success comes from the company culture that puts our clients’ interests first. Our financial success is a bi-product of ensuring we provide the right advice and always act in the best interests of our clients.”

The culture is genuine and refreshing and the international award is recognition that something quite different is happening at the Bay of Plenty and Waikato LINK offices.

Steven says the same ‘client’s interests first’ approach is taken whether it is those selling (or buying) a ‘fish ‘n’ chip shop’ or a major corporate firm.

“Much of our work comes from referrals. We take this as an endorsement from our client base that they value our previous work, and also the manner we delivered our services to them.”

There is a wealth of business experience within the LINK offices. Coupled to this experience is the support provided to the team from the company directors.

Steven and Nuree are both committed to being the supporters of those working in the front lines.

The Bay of Plenty LINK team.

The Bay of Plenty LINK team.

“We enjoy working in and around our staff who are happy and motivated. If we create the right culture, based on ethical business practise and putting our clients’ interests first, then the results will follow.”

The recent International Award of Excellence for the best LINK office is testimony to this philosophy.

The Bay of Plenty and Waikato LINK offices are growing ‘phenomenally’ as clients engage with the culture that has seen the LINK brand successfully become the largest Business Brokerage in the world.


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